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hey gorgeous!

I'm Kim

And... "Welcome to Radiant Beauty, Radiant Health & Opulent Wealth"

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  • About Kim: I am Kim Evans, MA, L.E., C.M.T and I'm a Beauty, Health & Lifestyle Wellness, Biz Coach. As a successful spa business solo entrepreneur of; 2GORJIS™ Wellness for 28 years; specializing, in clinical skin care facials, offering spa inspired therapeutic massage modalities and lifestyle coaching, custom waxing and on-location professional Makeup for Brides and Professionals.


  • The Goal: Wow, I can't believe our small business spa doors opened 26 years ago on May 1st, 1996 in Walnut Creek, CA. This month marks another milestone as we celebrate 28 years as a Solo-Entrepreneur and African American Woman Owed Small Business Spa Owner in the SF- Bay Area.

  • My mission: I help women how to transform their beauty, health, and wellness for opulent living with spa body therapies, clinical facials and beauty and business coaching


  •  Our offerings: We offer our own signature brand of2GORJIS™ Skin Care, 2GORJIS™ Make-Up and 2GORJIS ™Spa Bath & Body Essentials, a results oriented skin care and body care line of products. You can purchase in spa or online.


  • What we do: We integrate wellness offerings and nutrition coaching practice, which allows me; to better recognize client's nutritional problems, provide solutions by creating customized nutrition programs to enhance their well-being and further educate my clients on how foods affect and impact the body and skin. It's time for radical self-care.


  • How I serve: I serve as a Beauty Professional and Health & Wellness Coach to Executives, Professional Women, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs, who are ready to make an impact on their lifestyle, achieve overall vibrant health, and amazing younger-looking skin.

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Never has there been a time like this...

We are in exciting times, I believe, even if the outside world can sometimes feel chaotic, because never before have women, of all ages, skin tones and backgrounds had the access and tools we now do to build businesses and lives that fulfill us and run our cup over.


I am a champion of women finding their voice, their power, their strength and leverage that to become Unstoppable Lady Womenpreneurs! 


My story is simple.


Kim Evans is a Renaissance Business woman. She is a Licensed Aesthetician, Makeup Artist, Holistic Massage Therapist, and Business Woman. She is also the Founder of her very own "Look Good, Feel Great Wellness Program" now taught in public Middle Schools and High Schools.


As a Health Educator, Nutrition Coach and business owner of 2GORJIS; Integrated Health & Wellness; managing her own private facial and massage practice for both women and men since 1996; she brings over two decades for beauty, health and wellness success to her clients. She started her dream at the age of 29 as a solo-entrepreneur, and 28 years later, she has masterfully crafted her beauty & wellness business soon to be a 6 figure business success.

Kim's has expanded her Health & Wellness Virtual Coaching Programs and are globally available from anywhere in the world. 


Her Skin Care Facial & Massage private practice is located in the beautiful city in downtown Pleasant Hill, CA in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her specialty spa services consist of clinical skincare facials, holistic massage, waxing, professional makeup and nutrition wellness coaching.

Kim has also branded her own line of specialty products: 2GORJIS Cosmetics, 2GORJIS Clinical Skin Care, and 2GORJIS Bath & Body Essentials.


Kim is a graduate of UC Berkeley with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Welfare and holds a  a Masters’ degree from John F. Kennedy University of Pleasant Hill, CA in Health Education and Holistic Nutrition. Kim is a certified credentialed massage therapist for Cigna, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Aetna, Kaiser and Health Net and her company is a certified entity for Covered California Health Plans.

Kim brings to the beauty industry more than 20 years of beauty, holistic wellness and business experience as an expert makeup artist. At beauty cosmetic and wellness trade shows across the United States as an educator and makeup artist trainer in the cosmetics industry she shares dynamic insights about inner beauty, makeup, trade secrets and techniques to other salon owners and beauty professionals.


She has created flawless beauty makeup for brides for over 25 years, in her career as an expert on-location wedding makeup artist. In her spa, she demonstrates and teaches women of all ages how to capture their own unique beauty by way of private on-on-one makeup sessions. Kim received her first start from Mary Kay Cosmetics, than onto Fashion Fair and Lancôme as a Platform Makeup Artist. After long hard hours, determination and long work, Kim decided to become a Licensed Esthetician and brand her own line of skin care and cosmetics; hence

2GORJIS Skin Care & 2GORJIS Cosmetics & 2GORJIS Spa Bath & Body Essentials.


She presents seminars and workshops on skincare, health and beauty, business marketing and nutrition wellness to private clients and corporations.


Kim is an author, and has self published her first bridal Makeup DVD, titled Bridal Makeup for Multi-Ethnic Skin, which has sold more than 2300 copies around the country. It can be purchased on her website:  She will soon release her second Makeup DVD, titled Timeless Beauty, Timeless Faces!  Kim is completing her first E-book titled, How to Look 2GORJIS, Beautiful and Sexy at every age™  and soon to be released, new E-book.


Now Kim is so excited to bring to you Beauty, Health & Wellness Coaching across globe!


More about me...



48 Laws of Power


Tony Robbins-Unshakable 

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A Celery Cucumber Green Juice


My Next Workshop: Unstoppable LIVE 

Virtual Business Masterclass

in February.

May your skin Glow, Body Be Vibrant and your Green Juice Delish.


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"Lady Boss Moves" is community for inspired women business owners who seek to grow, start or leverage their current business. This group inspires you to also look at self care from an Integrated holistic approach to your nutrition, beauty, fitness and well-being and to make it #1.

The purpose of this group is to delight you in hot topics around what makes you feel beautiful. Learn the latest anti-aging, beauty, health, nutrition & wellness secrets and business marketing. When you love you, put you first, stay connected to source spiritually, you shine greater on the outside naturally.

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